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╫ The #1 Goal of Godly Marriage

Everything in our lives is supposed to have a primary objective of glorifying and building God’s Kingdom. Whatever it is we do or pursue, whether marriage, having children, buying a house, moving to this or that place, or whatever – God and His Kingdom must be considered in our decisions, but not only considered, given top priority.

We should not enter the marriage covenant lightly, or with a primary objective of simply being happy or living the “American Dream”, while some of these things can be very good, and marriage is supposed to be encircled with happiness, God has designed marriage to be much more than that.

Marriage is supposed to above all else glorify God’s Kingdom, and if it does not accomplish that then we will never be able to fulfill the callings God has given us as individuals – and therefore will have failed God’s calling to have a marriage that is not only lasting and full of joy and happiness, but one that is meaningful & fruitful for the Kingdom.

What good would it be to come to His throne one day, being able to say that we have been able to stay together as long as we lived, yet we only stayed together for our aspirations, our desires, our comfortability, instead of lifting His Kingdom above ours and considering His calling – even if that calling is harder or uncomfortable, or not exactly the American Dream we had in mind.



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