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╫ The Baptism of the Holy Spirit & Fire

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit: For some of us, mysterious, confusing and even allusive. But what is it about this baptism that is so important? There are many of us kept from everything our Father has for us because we lack understanding regarding the Holy Spirit.

Many of us have been taught we are guaranteed the baptism of the Holy Spirit the moment of salvation, or moment of water baptism. But is that what the Bible teaches? Is there something MORE in the life of Messiah you’ve been missing in yours?

There are so many misconceptions about the Holy Spirit, and I hope this is the beginning of answers for you.



1 thought on “╫ The Baptism of the Holy Spirit & Fire”

  1. Great teaching, made me think back to my first encounter with the Holy Spirit. It happen in at night before bed praying my usual that turn into my heart felt confession of sins. Emotions flowed like I never experienced before and was unable to sleep hours afterwards. The next day I asked to schedule a baptism and had many experiences with the Holy Spirit guiding me to the Truth of His Word by analyzing what I was being taught verse what His Book says. Had to make some changes as I understood them, but it was a joy and not burdensome and that was 11 years ago. Keep up God’s work P D, your appreciated.

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