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╫ The Character of God: Did God Change in the New Testament? – Torah Portion: Say

How do you view God? And do you view Him the same way the disciples did 2000 years ago? Do you view Him the same way Moses did? And do you view Him the same way Jesus did?

Either they all viewed God differently because God changed over time, or God never changed and all they all viewed Him the same.

The way you perceive God will impact the way you live your life. Maybe you grew up in a church where God was proclaimed as an angry God always out to get you. Or maybe you grew in a church where God is a gracious and loving God that doesn’t require holiness nor repentance; and never executes judgment.

Reading the old and new testaments, it can sometimes seem like God’s character has changed as we travel from the front of the book, with God’s judgments, to the back, with God’s grace revealed through His Son. So when Jesus came, did something change? Did God soften up to executing judgment, to rather love us and not judge? What is God’s true character?

Torah Portion: Emor | Say | אמור



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