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╫ The Early Church: ‘Church’ in the First Century (Comprehensive Teaching)

When Jesus ascended and handed His earthly ministry over to His disciples, He called them to build His “church.” They continued to grow the movement more rapidly than any other before it. Entire pagan cities started getting turned over to believe in the gospel! The growth, the miracles, the devotion was something many of us had never seen before. But wait, why don’t we see that in the modern western church? Did something about what “Church” really means get lost over the last 2000 years? And if so, how can we ensure our churches are modeled after the early church, to see what they did?

In this episode of the Early Church Series, we will discuss the greatest differences between the early and modern church.

In addition, we will discuss:
What does “Church” really mean?
What is “Church” supposed to look like?
What makes up a healthy congregation?
What did the 2020 COVID Pandemic teach us about the modern church?
What we need to know about leadership
– And more!



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