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╫ The Early Church: Replacing Jesus – Part 2 (Comprehensive Teaching)

PART 2 IS OUT NOW: As the early church evolved and the separation between Judaism and Christianity grew… more and more lies about Jesus started spreading both within Judaism and Christianity itself. The true Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) from the first-century was replaced with a character fashioned after the ideals of men who were trying to make Jesus in their own image.

The Messiah was now no longer Jewish, He didn’t even like Jewish people, and He came to replace them with gentiles. He now also came to abolish some of God’s key commandments. These beliefs were some of the lies that were perpetrated. Sometimes with good intention yet lack of knowledge, sometimes with bad intention.

In this episode, we will uncover historical writings to discover more of the lies about Jesus even alive today, anti-semitism in the early church fathers, replacement theology, the history of the biblical feast days and sabbath, how to be a light to our Jewish brothers and sisters, and more!




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