╫ What if the trumpets blew today? – End Times Message


One of these years, this would be the day where the world hears the trumpets of Revelation sound, but what if it sounded today? Time will be up. No more second chances, no more calling your parent, friend or colleague to say you’re sorry. For in a little while, we will all appear before God to be judged on every idle word and thought.

He will especially look at what we’ve done with the talents He’s entrusted us with. Was it simply for the exaltation of our own kingdom? Or was it *always* used towards His?

Today is not too late yet. He’s not back yet. That means while it is Day, you still have time. Make the decision today to give your life into His hands. Many are “Christian” yet hold onto their own life. Hear me today: He who holds onto his own life will lose it. He who gives up his life for His sake will gain it.

Have a blessed feast of trumpets!


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