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╫ Zealous For His Kingdom – Torah Portion: Phineas

Are you so zealous for God that you would be willing to lay everything down for the sake of His righteousness to prevail? When no says anything nor does anything about the evil, the evil prevails. Turning a blind eye is participation if you have the power to put an end to the evil around you. Evil prospers in the world due to believers too involved in the world to speak up, for various reasons: Either the evil profits them, or they are afraid of what might happen to them if they blew the whistle on evil. Ultimately, they lift their own life above seeing God’s Kingdom come on Earth.

This is why Jesus chased out the moneychangers from the temple with whips. This is why Jesus cursed the fig tree. This is why Phineas pierced a man and woman in idolatry with a spear. And all these were righteous acts, even though they may seem “radical” or strange. And this is why our Messiah (and later His disciples) gave their lives: To put an end to the evil, and to let His Kingdom come and prevail.

Torah Portion: Pinchas | Phinehas / Phineas | פנחס



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