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It’s time to prepare like never before – Signs of incoming western persecution

Over the past few weeks, what we have been witnessing in the West of all places has been alarming. There has been a rapid increase of persecution and hatred towards minorities who align with the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. But is this the canary in a coalmine? This must wake us up to the realities of the future, and we must be prepared. A Great Falling Away is prophesied in the Bible. I wish for you to escape it.



1 thought on “It’s time to prepare like never before – Signs of incoming western persecution”

  1. William Livingstone

    I sympathize with you PD my Brother, we who are the true Israel of Elohim sigh and cry for the abominations and wickedness in the earth. Just know you are being a mighty vessel for the Father to get the gospel message out to all this weary world that needs the Messiah! Be strong my Brother and know that my prayers are with you and Christina continually. May Abba bring you joy and a respite from your tears of sorrow. Shalom and Blessings, William

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