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The Call of the Bridegroom | RISE UP SHORT FILM

The Rise Up highlight video is here! Are you hungry for a move of God? He is calling a generation to rise up and obey the call of Yeshua to make disciples of all nations. He has given us authority to heal the sick and cast out demons, He has risen and saved us, for us to rise and bring His salvation to others.

Video / Editing: Dawson Schmidt



2 thoughts on “The Call of the Bridegroom | RISE UP SHORT FILM”

  1. Your humble servant, Lisa

    Our Father (Avinu) you are so good…all glory and honor are yours, Yeshua! Thank you for answering prayers, thank you for moving mightily among your servants, thank you for the hope and peace that you and only you can provide. We await your return and pray you come quickly. We love you, our King (Melkeinu)!

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