Walking in the Spirit: Audio CD Released! (Special “Name Your Price”)

We just released a collection of over 5 hours of teachings on Walking in the Spirit! During this season the world is hungry and looking for hope, and we all have good news to give! These teachings will help anyone get inspired to walk in the Spirit more in their life to reach those around them who need the Messiah.

Get one for yourself or to share with an interested friend – check it out! We are having a special “Name Your Price” offer right now so that all people can get inspired to walk as Yeshua walked!

Get it: https://www.riseonfire.com/product/walking-in-the-spirit-audio-cd/

Even Moses cried out: “Oh, if only all of God’s people were to be filled with His Spirit!” (Numbers 11:29). And in the second chapter of Acts, it started. But what does it mean to walk in the Holy Spirit? What are the fundamentals we need to know in order to get started? How do we overcome fear? How do we reach stranger, friend, and family?




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