I prayed for someone…and they didn’t get healed?

“I prayed for someone and they didn’t get healed…did I do something wrong?”
I’ve been asked this question a lot, and while there are many reasons to why someone might not get healed, I want to mainly address our motives in praying for someone in the first place. When many believers begin to exercise and walk out the spiritual gifts, they often encounter the seeming problem of “the miracle didn’t happen”. What is wrong with this perspective?


Why Do We Pray…Actually?


First, I think this is extremely important. When hoping to exercise a spiritual gift, we must consider our motivations for doing so.  How often have we gotten demotivated from praying because we didn’t see the miracles or results we had hoped to see?   Something I have learned is that when I pray, I don’t go in with the primary desire to see a miracle, as good as that is to see. I pray for the same reason why I don’t eat pork anymore, why I honor my parents, and keep the Sabbath. None of those things I do “for the blessing I can get” at the top of my mind – I do them simply out of obedience and love for God. I do these things because God told me to.  It’s the same for prayer! We should pray simply because God told us to, regardless what happens. Yet, it has become easy to judge our prayers and the prayers of others based on the results we can see immediately with our eyes. 
While miracles are amazing to see, the real reason we pray for others is because God told us to!
Let me ask you this, would you stop honoring your parents, helping the poor, or keeping the sabbath today if the immediate visible blessings stopped in your life? Hopefully not! The reason we keep any of God’s instructions is simply because He told us to, so whether there is immediate blessing or not, we can continue to obey because we’re chasing after God’s heart, not “results/blessings”.


Stop Chasing Results!


I say this as having fallen into this myself!  I have “chased after results” and been depressed or filled with doubts when I didn’t see the result I had hoped for. This is why it is so important that we shift our perspective and consider our motives. If they are in the right place (to just be obedient), then it takes off the “burden” of “needing” to see someone healed. Instead, it should simply be: “I laid my hands on a sick person like Yeshua instructed, and I was obedient”. End of story.  Now what happens thereafter is not your burden to carry. You just do your part and trust God with the rest.
“I laid my hands on a sick person like Yeshua instructed, and I was obedient.” End of Story. You do your part and trust God with the rest.
We know God can and DOES miracles, and we certainly want to see and take part in this!  God is the One who heals and brings freedom, and our role is being His hands and feet, taking His presence with us wherever we go. Our example is Yeshua, to walk as He walked in boldness, love, and power, as ambassadors of our King and as Temples of the Holy Spirit and Truth. We must rest in the authority of the Holy Spirit given to us and God’s will in every situation, so that regardless of result or blessing, we pray and obey “Because He told us to”.


Many blessings,



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5 thoughts on “I prayed for someone…and they didn’t get healed?”

  1. Shalom ✨Greetings From Florida 🐬
    Thank You 🙌 for Sharing 💕 At 71 …I have learned that in which You ✨shared about Praying . No matter what the situation, Our Elohim 🔥 and His 🔥Outstretched Love ❤️ Remains
    for His🔥 Children 🎯 What an absolute joy ❣️

  2. The Father has a pattern. Faith works by love. I think we all need more compassion and love. I want more, more, more. Thanks for sharing. I desire to have More of the Holy Spirit love in our midst. I share this and hope for that day. Much love & shalom. Open our ears Yah. Open our hearts Yah and open your gifts and fruits multiplied in our midst.Open our eyes. We will move together in obedience to your Word and Spirit. Lay hands on the sick. Anoint with oil. Speak out of our inner most being and allow your River of Life & love to flow.Heal your body and let us be filled with Light and life of Yeshua. Thanks for your blood covenant with us and all You have for your people.

  3. My motives were definitely those of obedience. Even if I was scared. And I look at stories of the centurion whose faith heal his servant (I think it was). Mark 16:18, I laid my hands on the sick and they didn’t get healed. I wanted to also be like that centurion. Does that mean that I didn’t have enough faith? Was my faith diluted by fear. A lot of the Gospel stories show instant healings and other signs. Same thing in the book of Acts. Even today you have people in the faith who have these signs follow them. Casting out demons, healing the sick, etc. And I love that those happened. And it shows that God still works today. It just makes me question my discipleship. I feel like I’m doing something wrong. Even if I do obey God.
    I’ll still keep showing up out of my live for God. I’ve just been so deflated, more fearful and have become increasingly timid. My heart is sore.
    One of the disheartening things in my country is that people are leaving the faith because of it. They are hunger for results and power and they turn to the kingdom of darkness to do so. The sad thing is they don’t realise or understand the extent of what they’re doing. How do we explain to non-believers why we aren’t seeing people get healed and freed?
    The best way I can describe my faith right now is that it’s like cement that hasn’t dried. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt He can do anything. It’s more the willingness. I don’t know if that makes sense🤷🏽‍♀️. I am still a baby Christian, budding in the faith.
    Please help😕😞

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