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╫ The Good & Faithful Servant – Your Kingdom Credibility

God made known He will one day gather the fruit of His Kingdom from places He did not even scatter seed (Matt 25:24). While God scatters seed, it is the winds of the Holy Spirit that carry it to new unexpected places where God raises unexpected people to walk out His divine callings. The concept is simple: Some seeds take no root and die, some seeds fall on good ground and bear much fruit, some seeds grow but never bear much fruit at all. As people, we each have a Kingdom “credit score”, if we use the little God entrusted to us well, He gives us much more because we are trustworthy. If we are not trustworthy with what He gave (because we do not trust God for the miracle of producing fruit in our life), the little we have will be taken away and given to another (Matt 25:29).

Walk by faith! If you stumble in your weaknesses yet know He made you with them all, how could your weakness stand in His way of using you mightily? You were made for Him. But you must trust Him.



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