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Ending Unbiblical Disunity – A Call from the Father

The Father has really been pricking my heart on the importance of unity for the Body of Christ, especially among leaders to be an example to the flock, and the world. My prayer for us all is that we are united in Christ, and minor theological disagreements are no hindrance. I am praying he brings us all to a greater maturity in unity so we may learn & grow together, instead of growing further apart. I have many faults myself, but I know my Messiah placed Himself in fellow brothers/sisters who can help me be better.

If Yeshua ascended desiring unity from His disciples, will He not come back expecting that unity on the Earth between believers? Yet, we’ve seen divisions & strife on levels that grieve our Father’s heart. A kingdom divided cannot stand!



2 thoughts on “Ending Unbiblical Disunity – A Call from the Father”

  1. Unity is important in our
    every day walk with the
    Lord! We need to be a good
    example to others, in our every day walk with others!

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