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Israel-Gaza War Exposes Anti-Semitism: Who is the “Synagogue of Satan”?

Join PD & Christina in this analysis of Scripture to find the identity of Israel, who the land belongs to, who the ‘Synagogue of Satan’ is and the effects of Replacement Theology on Nazi Germany & the world today.

The Israel-Gaza War has exposed rising Antisemitism in the West. Throughout millennia, the Jewish people have been the most persecuted people-group. Today, as they reside in the land, many are calling into question their authenticity as Israel.



2 thoughts on “Israel-Gaza War Exposes Anti-Semitism: Who is the “Synagogue of Satan”?”

  1. Very well presented with historical and Biblical support. This cuts through and exposes the doctrines of man that have set many on a wrong course for 1700 years.

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