The New Year With Rise on Fire – We Heard You!

Shalom everyone, the feast of Passover is coming up! I wanted to give you a short behind-the-scenes update on some of what is planned for this year.

We recently sent out a poll asking you guys what you would want to see from Rise on Fire this year, and the desire for more in-depth/torah portion teachings was expressed by many of you. I am excited about that answer! I have been working on a teaching with amazing revelation about Passover called “The Passover Paradox.” It will be released shortly, before the feast, and I will also be returning to doing more in-depth and Torah Portion teachings this year. But don’t worry, not at the expense of the live shows I know you like as well.

We are making plans to travel to multiple states this year for conferences and feast celebrations. I will be announcing them as we confirm them.

I would like to take this opportunity to give you a special thanks for your ongoing support of the ministry. There is so much you enable us to do, it really means so much, and I pray that the ministry continues to bless you. Please let us know if there’s anything you need prayer for, or if there’s anything we could do.

May our Father bless you and keep you, may He make His face shine upon you, lift up His countenance upon you and be gracious unto you. May He give you peace.

Many blessings,
– PD



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2 thoughts on “The New Year With Rise on Fire – We Heard You!”

  1. It would be extremely helpful if the Torah teachings were first labeled with their common Parashat names, and THEN your description which follows. A few of them are but most are not. Trying to find past teachings is very frustratiing so I usually end up going to someone else’s channel – even though I would love to get your perspective.

    Also does PD still have a (live) broadcast where we can submit questions ? I think he used to on Thursdays but I can’t find anything like that on your website. If so, would you tell me how and when? Love the ministry & what Yah is doing through you all. Thank you!

    1. Hi Carol, thank you for your feedback. We certainly would like to have an easier way to find the relevant past Torah Portions. We have ideas and hope to implement them in the future. For now, you can always input the Torah Portion name in our website search, which usually brings up the Torah portion you’re looking for.

      Yes, we do the Q&A’s periodically. Please ensure you are on our text notification list to receive a text when we gather questions again for the next Q&A livestream. You can sign up for this by texting Yeshua to 94000

      Hope that helps, thank you for your support and valuable feedback.


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